Thursday, August 7, 2008

The OC

we'll everyone i got to witness the the rehearsals of the opening ceremonies last night and it was friggin awesome. me and locke spent the day being on call at the OC "Opening Ceremonies" and we had to stay during just to make sure so we tucked ourselves up on top of the RF platform and caught the greatest show on earth. I will also be lucky enough to be there tomorrow night for the actuall opening ceremonies in all its glory. But i do have to say the security is getting crazy here and its pretty intense to experience but at the same point i have had some fun adventures in the past week. I got to crawl the attic of the the birds nest and climb on top of it which is only for very very very special people. Last night i got to see the entire city lite up liek christmas and its intense ill tell you that much. But it is a beautiful place at night but still super smoggy. As for work, we have finally hit the point were things start to slow down a little wich is nice cause it gives us a little breathing room and some more sleep. But its all gonna start getting nuts tomorrow as the olympics start....more so in the partying aspect cause all the bars start up tomorrow ie...the heinichen house!!! Which is apparently the hottest place to be in town during the olympics! Myself i am doing great, i love my job here, i get to hang in rafters hundreds of feet up and wear cool climbing harnesses that make be look all bad ass and shit. The rest of the crew is in good spirits and we are trucking along, once we get past tomorrow we will be in great shape.

I also got to the BMX, velodrome and mountain bike events the other day which if any one knows me is my home turf. THe BMX track looks awesome and the walls of the track of the velodrome make the banks of nascar look Sorry alan but bikes rule again....hahahaha. and the mountain bike track looks cool allthough i can't really see that much of it, it was still really cool to see were the pros ride.

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