Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We'll its been a while since i have had a chance to update this and that is because i have been working 18 hour shifts as a utility in the birdsnest. what does that mean you might ask...we'll that means i work with a camera man on the Field of Play and I am his runner. I work with the RF guys witch are wireless so there are no cables too coil or things to plug in so basically every hour i hand him water and ever 2 hours I hand him a battery lol! otherwise I sit and watch the events from about 10 feet away. So Alan im like the cool guys sitting on top of there vans on the infield of a nascar event....lol.

Ive seen Two world records being broke, countless close races and some heartbreaking moments. Ive also seen the worlds fastest man shatter the 100 meter record without even trying which will probably be one of the greatest sprint of all time and i was there and i have a picture too prove it...mwah ha ha just to show how close i really was. this will make you all a little jealous im sure. Today is the final of the 200 meter mens and a lot of people of people are waiting to see what Usain Bolt will do.

The Olympic Green is busy as ever i have a video and pics to explain how many people are here and how we drive the golf cart through them...lol.

Oh we also saw a girl break the pole vault WR and it was insain the entire stadium was on its feet it came down to her last try and she pulled it off it was that pefect olympic moment that everyone waits for. it was soooooooo cool probably better then the 100 meterb

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