Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Closing Ceremonies

We'll the olympics are officially over, i was luckyt enough to be on the field during the closing ceremonies...yes ON THE FIELD and i have pictures to prove it wasn't as good as opening but it was cool to have the seat that i did. a lot shorter and a lot more talking, and the atmosphere has allready changed this place feels quite again. Most of the venues have been torn out and all the workers have gone, we are now on the last venue and our biggest venue to tear out and then we are done. we move from the media village friday morning back over to the continental grande hotel which is were i started my journey in China. Most of my friends have now left and its pretty much just the cable crew that remains! Allthough i am ready to come home there is a part that will miss china, its this prefect utopia at the olympics, were everyone loves there job loves each other has lots of money and is always happy. It is a very unique situation that if feel is so rare to experience let alone be part of and i was right in the thick of it. I feel blessed but sad that it will all come to an end next friday and i will be back on my plane home to ontario. But i can't wait to see my family and someone else that im sure i will grow to love if i havn't allready by the time i get there!!!!

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