Friday, July 6, 2012

Guoman hotel

So I have a arrived at the hotel. We have been to a local pub, local Indian joint, our local dim sum restaurant and a good tour of our local area. London is huge it is a massive city and the view from my apartment is amazing. Will have pictures soon. Love Brodes.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Delayed flight

This what I have resorted to pass the time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The day before

Well i have had a great time up north both but euro trip Brodie starts at 9 pm tomorrow stay tuned for updates.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Well in 2 days I leave for possibly the greatest adventure of my life. I leave for London england for 6 weeks while i work at the Olympics summer games for NBC. After that I will be traveling through Europe for 2 weeks. So far the plan is to head down through France and then back up through Italy and into Amsterdam...I will be doing this alone and have no real plan. I am taking other peoples advice and not having a plan and just winging it. So stay tuned for more pics and videos of my travels.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Games times and Gold medals

we'll here it is, i have seen two gold medals being won now, one of them being the first gold medal won this olympics by canadians and also the first ever won on canadian soil....lets say it was pretty bad ass. The second was about 2 hours ago at womens speed skating, another amazing moment, no one thought we would and she came out of no were to have the skate of her life. Secondly i got to watch shawn white shatter the half pipe last night and see some the best riders in the world strut there stuff and i got to watch from in front of the front know the people that pay 2000 dollars to sit in the front...i sat in front of them....hahahaha! But even better as im sitting in the catering tent in compound i look up to see one of my skiing idols walk buy me....Johnny Mosely!!!!!! what...okay it doesn't stop! So now im watching the mens half pipe and i look over and who is sitting in the NBC area.....TONY HAWK....the greatest skate boarder in history....the god father of the extreme sport movement. So then i stand up on a chair to take a picture of the medals ceremonies and and who gets up on the chair beside....FUCKING TONY HAWK!!! PS i have a picture of me and Tony hawk now!!!!!!!!! what up!!!!! From the heinikin house to winning golds and meeting my child hood idols this is probably the greatest time of my common who thought a little cleft lip kid who got picked on from pickering ontario would ever get a opportunity like this!!! cause i never did. maybe good things do happen to good people!

Friday, February 12, 2010

opening ceremonies

we'll tonight is the big night, we all get dressed up in our finest work wear and head off to the opening a little foggy still from last night and granville street and a little place called the roxy! Oh how Brodie loves the roxy....wink wink. Im hoping it doesn't rain today, i havnt opened my blinds and and i refuse to untill i walk out the door. Hopefully everything goes we'll today cause if so it means my day will be pretty easy. It rained like crazy yesterday and it was looking pretty grim up at cypress, im not sure how there gonna hold a race in the rain but i guess they will...our slogan for this olympics is..the greenest games ever!

Monday, February 1, 2010


we'll i got lucky and my venue is cypress...thats were all the action will be happening for all readers...aka...half pipe, moguls, ariels,boarder cross and skier cross and dual slalom...all the cool events. ITs a huge venue and ive been doing homework at night to prep for the next day but the charm is that when the games start im the one that has to stand slopside to make sure the cables are okay...wink wink!!! ya baby....yup gotta go check out that cable at the mens freestyle start...oh look it might need me to stand here and watch it for an extended period of time!! hahaha...we'll as long as i don't mess the install up everything will be cool. But good news cypress is getting snow tonight right down to started as we were leaving and it was think wet snow that builds up fast so lets keep our fingers crossed cause they need it!!! anyways im going for drinks il put some pics up tomorrow!