Monday, February 1, 2010


we'll i got lucky and my venue is cypress...thats were all the action will be happening for all readers...aka...half pipe, moguls, ariels,boarder cross and skier cross and dual slalom...all the cool events. ITs a huge venue and ive been doing homework at night to prep for the next day but the charm is that when the games start im the one that has to stand slopside to make sure the cables are okay...wink wink!!! ya baby....yup gotta go check out that cable at the mens freestyle start...oh look it might need me to stand here and watch it for an extended period of time!! hahaha...we'll as long as i don't mess the install up everything will be cool. But good news cypress is getting snow tonight right down to started as we were leaving and it was think wet snow that builds up fast so lets keep our fingers crossed cause they need it!!! anyways im going for drinks il put some pics up tomorrow!

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