Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well today i am back on the old schedule working with the boys again and back on normal hours. We are having our canadian night tonight and i think its gonna rock. I spent most of the day at the field shop just mulling around because of the rain. Tomorrow we start striking a.k.a. "pulling all the cable out". I had my first oh crap moment at the grocery store today, i bought some stuff at the lotus market but didn't have enough money and i noticed this as she was ringing in my total and tried to stop her, then i just handed her the money i did have a shrugged my shoulders and hoped she would figure it out. So from there it was her asking me for money and me shruggin my shoulders trying to explain that i have none left and that i ca ngo to the ATM. So as the the line grew behind me she then just started taking stuff off my bill and messed it up so she had to call her boss in and then they both laughed at me and the people behind me grew earlier!!!!

This all because i wanted some crocs...ive been trying to get some since ive been here but something allways gets in the way. at the silk market they wouldn't talk to me, at the lotus i bought some water shoes that looked like sandles at the time, and today they were in my basket and they were the item they im going back tomorrow determined to get my crocs!!!!!

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Sandi said...

Hey Brodie, right now I'm at work and showing everybody the cool pics and stories from your adventures. We all think your writing style is very funky and makes everyone here laugh. You look great and well fed. Enjoy your time left there. P.S what's with the Croc thing. Are they those rubber slip on shoes? In china Crocs could be anything.