Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GT Banana and The Heinechen House

we'll since i last posted i havn't been up to much except the OC, but seeing how are week as been a bit more tame then normal i decided to try and cram as much booze down my through in a two day period as possible. So allthough i don't have any pics of these places cause i was affraid to loose my camera i will inform of there coolness none the less!!!

For lockes birthday we went to GT Banana, which is an upscale club in the chaoyang district in beijing...put it this way it was right beside a bentlel dealership. So we walk into this club and lets say its pretty swanky we continue up to our booked table and here we are in 20 by 20 booth with out own servers and our booth overlooks the the dance floor so basically we have the hotest booth in the hotest place in town...and the best part is it was not a lot of money for us like maybe 800 yuan to have the table thats how much you had to spend wich is like maybe a 100 bucks...so you can see it was pretty sweet. So then the base it was retarded...so much base it hurt but it was a good hurt and also the dance floor bounced with you as you went up and down!!!

The heinichen house, oh my lets just say beer, 400 dutch people, crazy weird music from the 80's and few super gourgeous women and a whole lot of orange and we'll its the craziest party ever!!!! lol. we will be going again so i will save the next post for that with pics!..thats all for now miss you all,

Brodie from Beijing!

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