Friday, August 22, 2008

Crocs Part 2

We'll I got off the bus today and headed straight for the lotus determined to get my crocs there, i passed the electronics, through bulk sales stands almost got caught up at the chicken feet and there i was standing right in front of the crocs with 400 Yuan in my pocket they were mine...i could feel it i was finaly getting my crocs. Then i realized they all looked a little small so i started trying them on different ones in different colors but nothing would fit!!! finally a young chinese lady walked up behind me looked at my feet and demonstrated that there were no sizes that would fit me. Once again i was not gonna get my i settled for the toe sandles beside that now hurt when i walk in China just doesn't want me to have crocs!!!! bahhhh

Besides that i just got my notice that i will be working the closing ceremonies tomorrow. So im super pumped about that cause it will be an awesome show im sure. Anyways i have to stop writting and get ready for work because i am going to beach volley ball and then tianeman square. Oh and i had the best thai food last night at a place called serve the people in salitun in the Chaoyang district and it was great!

Brodie From beijing

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