Thursday, July 31, 2008

Media village # 2

We'll here it is, i went outside today and took some pics of were i am living and the surrounding area. Its a pretty rad place... the pics really don't do it any justice.

As for work these was a good day, we had our first slower day probably since we got here...we were tying of loose ends everywere so a lot of time was spent travelling from venue to venue today but we did get to wrap up 4 events which i think was a great thing. Seeing one of those venues was my lets keep pur fingers crossed.

We went out for our first official chinese meal...i mean official one was not so tasty this one was picked by a local who knew what to order and were to take us. Everything was awesome from the food to the location. The menu had some interesting items on it but all in all the options we picked were really really good. I tried peking duck which is the trade mark of beijing...and it really is an amazing dish.

I have started drinking fresh lichy tea with roses at night, no sugar, no milk this tea one an award out of 500 other teas in an annual competition. it really is that great...ill bring some home for people to try if they want.

We have a giant party this saturday for my room mate Adam...there will be like 200 people from the media village attending this at the duck and goose. Its a crazy bar were they have dancing cheer leaders and batting cages indoors and golf some crazy street and chinese singer that sounds like Janis Joplin...hahhaa ill take pics.

The smog here is nuts its like the worst day of fog you have ever had but every day, but china is doing things to try and change that wich is good but its certaintly not like home!!!

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Michelle said...

My god this place looks AMAZING! Must have taken a lot of work to get the place all nice and preeeetty for you. AND you get free internet!? Good thing you got the 'hook ups' You must owe them big time... ;)