Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dinner out in china!!!

We'll we went out for an authentic chinese dinner!!! We are still not sure what we ate but we have decided that we have chicken Knuckles, Colon, stomach and some form of anus cause it smelt like crap!!! lol and then some salad deal that was so spicy you swore you at habenero pepper straight, and we had a giant beer all for 8 dollars!!! we also went to a bar owned by a 22 year old American from the east coast and he gave us free beer and we had the hugest pizzas ever.

As of today it was our first fill work day, pulled a lot of cable and i seem to be meshing in we'll with the guys. There awesome people and have made me feel right at home and im so stoked for the rest of the trip because of them. I have officially been in the water cube and the gymnastics, we can't take pics of the inside so i cant show you any but the water cube is up. its so hot hear like 90+ and super humid, you sweat and sweat and sweat....but i love it, I get at bad ass walkie with a mic on it, and i was up on 40 feet so scaffolding today with crazy harnesses on slinging cable, Byron took a pic and im pretty sure i looked tough as hell...

So untill later im off for some beers with the crew and maybe a massage, and not one of those massages allthough every guy here seems to think I should. Im holding strong against the $200.00 foot massage.. P.S. there is no such thing as a $200.00 foot massage if you get my drift....hahahahahahah

Oh and the building with funny swoosh at the top its a series of 5 building the look like a dragon and they friggin huge, i mean huge and in the one of the pics you can see the scaffolding that i spent half a day on!!!

Allright i just added a special pic, its the view from my hotel room!!!

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Ian said...

I'm super stoked to hear that you're having a blast there. I dunno about that 200 dolla foot massage although I do think it'd be funny if you actually went in there and requested just that and nothing else. They'd be like wtf but I bet you'd get one hell of a foot rub. I'm obviously delirious from lack of sleep. But anyway, take it easy bud and enjoy your time overseas.