Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Media Village

Hey everyone how are you, sorry i havn't been able to update this for a while but, i have moved to the media village and havn't had internet untill will be pretty sketchy from here on in, bu ti got hook ups for that kinda stuff so it should be easier from now on...the media village rocks, we have a pool on the 27th floor, our own little village with bars and restaurants and laundry and we kinda seem to get what ever we want its you wont want to here this....but if it wasn't china i probably wouldn't come home...also the fact that i wouldn't get this treatment if it wasn't for the olympics!! i don't have any new pics as off yet but i just wanted to give you and up date on and dad i will send you a big email soon and just so you know you can call my cell I DON'T PAY FOR IT SO CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have the number so please use it cause i can't call out!!! Give it to Amy and tell her to call me as we'll

Im getting an awesome tan, we have new works clothes and then we have out transportation clothes...haha work clothes is our skin...i also ate a retard sandwich for lunch and cut my hand with a box cutter and then forgot to put sun tan lotion on. But the everything rocks im feeling at home finally and its awesome.

I have no new pics right now but will up date that soon!

Miss you all!

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