Saturday, January 9, 2010

first day in Van

We'll the apartment is on the 19th floor and so far can't see much cause its been raining since i got to vancouver. Today we attempted to ski whistler but we got there and it was raining all the way into the high alpine so we had breakfast then turned around and came back...its supposed to rain for the next week in van but the forcast says its supposed to dump 50 - 60 cm of snow at mid mountain and up starting sunday night so i might be heading up to whis for two days starting on sunday night. Today i got some grocerings, and i am still yet to meet my room mate but apparently he is a pretty cool guy.

Then at about 6 i have to take a stab the the sky train and try and make way across the city to see and old friend of mine.

So other then that im just relaxing and enjoying the awesome weather.

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