Monday, January 11, 2010

rain rain and more rain

we'll this place is has rained for 3 days now and the weather forcast calls for i think 7 more days. we'll thats as far as the weather report shows. I was supposed to go skiing at whistler but its been raining to the top of the mountain for 4 days now. And seeing how ski passes are 91 dollars i decided to save my money for later.

But i did get to go to granville island yesterday and go out downtown for for dinner. I have to say its probably the most beautiful downtown core i have ever seen. And granville island, wow what a way to spend an afternoon, you have to take a little tugboat accross then they have all these little markets with probably the best food you have ever seen. I didn't buy any yet cause i am moving to whistler soon but man im gonna go back as soon as we get our vehicles and do a big shop.

so for now i am sitting in my apartment waiting for the rain to stop, or at least die down a bit so i can go outside and wander around. Its just to windy and heavy rain for my gear, id be soaked to the bone in a heart beat. Maybe i should have taken back that expensive goretex jacket!!!!

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