Saturday, January 16, 2010

sliding center and callaghan Valley

we'll sorry for the wait people, but i had some moving and drinking to do which some what put a damper on the ole blogging thing.

I am back in whistler right now and we spend the first two days cabling the Sliding Center ( luge and boblsed) That was pretty cool cause they were doing training on the track at the time so we got to see how fast these people go. And seeing how the track is the officially the fastest in the world....when a little kid goes buy you at 140 kph well lets say i don't have good picks cause my camera isn't fast Apparently they have had to slow the top men down cause they are going right off the end of the track....haha. So i officially got to witness my first puking of snowed wet heavy crud for 2 days straigh and didn't let up for a second, it was pretty cool.

As of today we were off to callaghan valley were they are holding the ski jump and all the nordic events...(aka biathalon, cross country skiing) it is probably one of the most beautiful areas i have ever been....we'll everywhere here is more beautiful then i have ever seen its been so cool. Not much to comment about the valley just really flat and snowmobiles everywere trying to get things ready. Ski jumping is crazy steep the TV doesn't do it any justice at all...its soooooo friggen huge and steep it would be really awesome to see them do it live.

Tonight we have a shindig at billy bobs with vanoc and some other crews so were are all looking forward to that and i also go pick up my new freeride back country skiis in about we'll as soon as im done doing this!!! hahaha there pretty bad ass....Kurt there the rossignol S3 with revers camber at the tips for floating in powder!!!!

As of tomorrow we are back on the ski hill to finish off creekside and downhill venues.

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