Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Suddam Couloir

We'll today I got to live out a child hood dream...close to 15 years ago we took a trip to BC and travelled everywhere and one of the stops was blackcomb.
We took a chair to the top were they were skiing on the horstman glacier and i ask the guide which is one of the crasiest runs...and he walked us across a ledge and we looked over a shoot that went into the glacier bowland he told me that it was called the Saddam couloir and that it was the run to ski it is surrounded by two rock faces with a shoot about 30 feet wide and about 1000 feet long...and at that moment it was a life long goal to ski the suddam.
Today at about 2 oclock i passed the horstman hut and found myself with tip of my skis hanging over the cornis that drops in the coluoir...with the help of my friend ashley and one jump turn later i found myself fulfilling a life long dream, as the snow of each turn crumbled and passed me on the hill i linked turn after turn untill i found myself at the bottom and looked up at a near vertical wall call the Suddam colouir and realized that this just might have been the greatest ski run of my life!!that was only the second half of my day the first half of my day started with trackless un touched powder up to your knees from top to bottom of whistler...so today i fullfilled two lifelong goals...and the second was skiing untouched mountain powder and i gotta say it really is all its cracked up to be...

So whistler has been amazing and i can't wait to get back january!!!
the couloir is the run to the left of the peak were the shadow line is! apparantly i just read that its actually 2500 feet to the bottom of the bowl and they designate this run a no fall run because a fall can cause serious inury or death!

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