Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Two days @ Whistler

Sorry for the delay everyone, they want us to pay a million dollars for internet at the Hilton and I only just found out that they have a room with a computer in

nyways the past two days have been amazing, blue sky, great weather and great skiing. As for my new boots we'll lets just say that yesterday was a little painfull. I got them punched out in whistler village today and they feel great.

As for skiing we did a run through of the venue yesterday and i got to see were all the cable im gonna be laying will be going and then we did some skiing.

So i have been to the top of whistler and man was it cold minus 20 and 50 mph hands went numb instantly, so we quickly dropped into the whistler bowl and skied our asses down lower. Then the guys all went out for drinks on the village and hit up, thanks for Shea the most expensive joint in town...can you say 8 dollar i missed china!!! hahaha but the girls were way cuter. haha

As for today after getting my boots punched out and doing runs and then going back to get them punched again i finally got some skiing in...after doing some whis runs I decided i had to do the Peak to Peak gondola over to blackcomb, allthough its a completely pointless tram its is pretty cool. So then up to the peak of blackcomb for some non stop top to bottom leg busting runs down blackcomb. No i didn't stop and yes i kept making turns and wholy crap did my legs hurt by the end.

I have to say these have been two of the coolest days of my life, i would have cried tears of joy at the top but seeing how i already had a snotsicle and figure lets hold off of the

The mountain really is everything they say it is so lets keep out fingers crossed that we get a dump of snow before i have to leave so i can see what true big mountain powder is really all about.

And no mom, i havn't killed myself yet.....

Oh and the drive to from vancouver to whistler is probably one of the most amazing drives i have ever been on i snapped some pics for you all to really is out of this world!!!

Oh and i meet some awesome bus friends ill put thos up too!!!

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