Monday, November 30, 2009

whistler Prep

We'll tomorrow is my official lets get ready and start packing for whistler day....we'll i think first things first and I will go for a bike ride...common did you really think id pack first thing in the morn.
Im leaving on friday morning and heading to vancouver were I will be either taking the bus most likely up to Whistler village. Thanks to all the awesome people I know I will be getting the pleasure of staying at the Hilton in whistler...Ill post pics once i get there but I will be taking vids and pics of the journey from the airport.

Im itching to get out there, I have my new boats...for those of you who follow gear i got some killer lange banshee freeride boots. First awesome pair of boots ever and I went all out these puppies.
This olympics i will be able to post a lot more and give much better updates as i won't be relying on chinas awesome internet.

stay tuned this ones gonna be killer!!!!

I would like to say thanks to all my family and friends who have been so supportive of me and been there for the past has mean't the world to me and i promise i will not waste one second of this.

I will sum what this experience is to me...its like sending me to heaven as punishment and paying me to stay!!

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